In 2010, the stock market will continue with strength and, by the end of the year, unemployment will have come down from 10% to under 9%.

In 2012, 25 to 30 people will realize their enlightenment, worldwide. Ten to fifteen of these new saints will be in the United States. When you understand that, since the time of Jesus, less than ten have reached enlightenment, this is a significant event. We will see how this spiritual growth affects the presidential elections. There is only so much a president can do to help society, and the finance and business environment that President Obama inherited is a very heavy burden.

In 2019, nearly 3,000 people will reach enlightenment. This will be the biggest breakthrough in spirituality in the history of mankind.

Around 2024 or 2025, peace and harmony will dawn in the world, with people reaching enlightenment each year, year after year, without stopping.