Let us create a peaceful world, a world without violence, without vengence 

The requirements for reaching enlightenment are 1) 15 to 20 years of celibacy, 2) 25 years of meditation, with the last ten years doing six hours a day of transcending plus the necessary rest after program, 3) dharma in speech and in action, 4) proper routine, including right diet, and ayurveda such as pancha karma, 5) normal mental health, and 6) a Jyotish chart that indicates you are qualified for enlightenment.

All of the saints, since the time of Jesus, who reached enlightenment, were celibate. I had been celibate for 25 years and had been meditating for 34 years, when I reached enlightenment.

Dharma is translated into “right action.” If you steal from others, deceive others, hurt others, have wrong sexual conduct with others (cheat on your spouse, cause abortions), exploit others, then you have to purify these sins in order to get enlightened. The Transcendental Meditation program passes through the bad fruit of action, but if your sins are very deep, your purification can last a long time. You have to atone for your sins.

Under proper routine, use of recreational drugs (pot, cocaine, etc.), smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating lots of meat, all contribute to making your nervous system impure.

 Only God can grant you enlightenment. If someone tells you that they are enlightened and if you marry them, you will get enlightened, then run away as fast as you can.

The safest and most powerful mantras are those that you get from a qualified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Only these mantras can get you to enlightenment. And you cannot start right away with doing six hours daily of the TM and the TM-Sidhi program. Your program must be supervised by an authorized TM-Sidhi administrator/teacher. It takes time to purify the nervous system, and you do not want to strain your body/mind with too accelerated a program.